SuperKsenon Makes Hot ASMR Foot Fetish

February 15, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


ASMR Goth Foot Goodness!

Meet SuperKsenon. She pretends to be a goth teen left home alone by her parents here and she goes ahead and decides to give a dirty ASMR show while they are away. I can say that in my teen years that this was not in the top ten of my list of things to do while my parents were out but we live in a very different world now, you know?

She looks super hot with her pale skin and those deep eyes. I love how the fishnets look on her with that bikini underneath. We get to hear the sounds of so many things here. I love the sound of her feet in the fishnets rubbing across the sheet. We get to hear the texture and then she rubs those arches of hers still in the stockings all over the microphone itself. Eventually, those stockings come off and she rubs the crotch of her bikini on that microphone. She makes sounds with her mouth here too but the foot stuff here is really aces.

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