Alyce Wilson Gives Us ASMR Orgasm Beauty

February 14, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Listen To Her Get Off!

Meet Alyce Wilson. She and her husband Justin live in Northern California and make lots of dirty videos together. A lot of them are blowjob videos but sometimes, they go ahead and make ones like this ASMR offering.

She has a whole bunch of piercings on her pretty face and even that tongue of hers is pierced. She uses her favorite black wand vibe to edge herself towards getting off in this video and she says that she does more edging in this than she has ever done in her life before. Edging can be pretty fucking amazing, for sure and watching Wilson have this much solo fun is a pretty amazing Valentine's Day treat. It's totally cool to bliss yourself out hardcore today if you are solo. Sometimes, you are all you need, readers.

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