Kristen Scott Gets Revenge By Seducing Her BFF’s Boyfriend Over at Pure Taboo

February 11, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Kristen Is Mad and Horny!

Slutty teen Kristen Scott is best friends with virginal Vanna Bardot in their new scene over at Pure Taboo. The two share everything that they have going on with each other but Bardot makes a big mistake. Bardot reveals to some of their mutual friends that Scott has had sex with a social outcast and Scott is livid that Bardot shared that with everyone. Bardot is all apologies and Scott pretends to accept her friend's apologies but she is still really, really angry.

She is so angry that she decides to seduce Bardot's boyfriend Nathan Bronson. Since Bardot is not having sex with him, she figures that he will be a pretty easy target for her lusty advances. That very night, Scott heads over to college-aged Bronson's home to get in his pants and oh, she does. It turns out that Bardot is not even blowing Bronson as part of them both staying virginal until marriage. Scott calls that selfish and makes a hard pass at her friend's boyfriend. Scott gets every bit of the fucking and the revenge that she wants.

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