Checking In with Performer/Director Nikki Hearts

February 7, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Nikki Wants Everyone To Get Dyked Down!

Performer/director Nikki Hearts has a pretty amazing new lesbian porn site up right now. Here's what this hot as fuck woman had to say about it!


Hello! So how are you, Nikki? How are things going?
"Hey! I have to say I am doing fantastic, thank you. This year has started off really great, I haven’t had a chance to breathe yet but I like it, ha ha."

Congrats on the launch of Dyked Down! Your new work there is really fucking hot. What has been the most fun part of having this out in the world?
"Thank you so much. This project has basically been all about me carrying out my original porn career dreams, producing true-to-self lesbian porn. The feedback I’m receiving the most from both fans and industry peers is that they feel the site was a necessary and overdue line, so I’m really glad I’ve accomplished making porn to fill that gay girl gap."

Is the hardcore sex you have in this something that you enjoy a lot of in your personal life or is it something that you save more for your performing life? Your work on this all comes off as very personal.
"I am definitely doing all I can to give the sex as much authenticity as possible. I would definitely say the sex is similar to how I fuck off camera. I’m still experimenting with different camera crews and trying to find that perfect balance of natural sex vs what looks good on camera. It's different with every girl of course too, but I am being super picky about casting people who I know have mutual chemistry."

What did you find most challenging about creating this site?
"I honestly have had the loose idea for this site since I was like 18. I just waited for the day all of the right pieces came together. I started working as Director of Artist Relations and as a Producer for a company called New Savages this past year. We are a video and web production company. Once the 'Dyked Down' name and idea came together in my mind this summer, Savages jumped on board to help me build it. It’s been a blast of hard work making it happen since then. The real challenge though was definitely the near decade of getting my shit together to make it happen, with the right people."

What do you enjoy most about working on this project?
"I love that it is creative in every aspect. I am hands on in every aspect. I write, direct the scenes while performing, edit, and market everything because of the fact that I’m just experimenting still. I’m excited to build a stronger brand, have editors, and have a steady team in general. Beyond all that, I love the fucking really hot ladies part!"

What do you love most about the new Dyked Down site? What do you remember most about shooting these scenes?
"I love that it represents exactly what type of porn was missing that I am capable of providing, I guess. The scenes are all so true to what I think of as simple horny lesbian fantasies, yet no one shoots them with a butch/andro girl! This appeals to a huge variety of audiences; I’ve seen proof of that in my customers and sales this first month. Women and men of all ages are getting down with my queer sex. Each scene has been super unique, I’ve had a different crew for each one. My relationship with each girl is super different. In a couple of the recent scenes, I’ve been given strap-on virginities, which I try to make memorable, in a good way! Ha hah!"

What will the upcoming pegging scenes be like? What can we expect from those?
"I plan on launching the pegging scenes in the spring. I am going to try and provide a high caliber line of fun, genuine scenes. You’ll definitely see much more girl/girl (inclusive of trans women) before we get to any dude pegging. I’m just feeling real extra gay lately."

What are you proudest of about how this came out?
"As far as what’s currently live, I’m just proud of the genuine energy and chemistry shown in the scenes. I will skyrocket the production quality now that I’ve had some experience figuring out what I do and don’t like. I also like the general functionality of my site, thanks to our web developer. I’m proud of him!"

So what else is coming up for you?
"I’m working on directing a new line for a mainstream porn company right now, that is definitely my other big project while simultaneously developing New Savages as a company. I’ve got sex and weed travel vlogs coming out through soon as well! Maybe a vacation someday too."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Keep an eye out for the new scene with Sabina Rouge this week and T-shirts are now available! Thanks so much for supporting me, I love y’all, stay high."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Dyked Down.

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