Lena Rose Goes For A Naked Walk In The Woods

February 7, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


A Day In Nature!

Meet amateur porn performer Lena Rose. She hails from Poland and it is a beautiful day wherever she is. She starts out on the beach and wow, that is some thick, thick white sunscreen that she is applying all over her body. Her bikini is still on but yeah, wow, that very thick sunscreen just is not getting absorbed into her skin. Hey, whatever, skin cancer is a real thing so you gotta protect yourself. SPF it all up, people!

Later on, she decides to go for a walk with her cameraman and why not? It is a beautiful day for it. There is a tire track trail that heads off into a forest and Rose follows it. She only has her sensible sandals and her bikini on for this nature trek. Hey, I approve of her choice of footwear. She could easily roll an ankle if she went out into that forest on that trail in a cute pair of stiletto heels. We eventually get to see all of her curvy naked body here.

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