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February 5, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

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Top porn star Sinn Sage has founded Sinn Sage Studios and she is now making an distributing movies through Trouble Films. Her first movie there highlights Sage's sensational strap-on work and "Strap-On Sinners" directed by and starring Sage with Bianca Stone, Cadence Lux, Ariella Ferrera, Rizzo Ford and Mizz Amanda Marie is available for viewing now over at Trouble Films. Sage is a super cool chick in every way and every scene she does is just killer. You absolutely need to pick this movie up! Here is what Sage had to say to me about this movie and her new relationship with Trouble Films.

Hello! So how are you, Sinn? How are things going?

"Hello, things are going fantastic! We just finalized a move to Las Vegas and we're setting up production here. We're really excited about working with all the local talent that is available to us here and absolutely thrilled to be releasing movies with Trouble Films."

Congrats on your new Trouble Films work! Your first movie over there "Strap-On Sinners" is super hot and very compelling. What did you enjoy most about making this?

"I love that with Trouble Films, I'll be creating and releasing content that is representative of my actual sexual attractions and desires. With 'Strap-On Sinners', I was able to showcase my own queer fantasies and my embodiment of, and connection to, my strap-on."

Is the hardcore sex you have in this something that you enjoy a lot of in your personal life or is it something that you save more for your performing life?

"The sexual expressions you see me portraying on camera are 100% genuine. I put as much passion into my movies as I do my personal life, and I'm just as joyful to fuck with a strap-on as I am in any circumstance. There's not really a separation there."

What did you find most challenging about making this?

"I've been doing this for over 15 years; this wasn't very challenging. I love my career. The professionalism of my peers really helps with making these fantasies fun and easy to produce. We always have so much fun."

What do you enjoy most about working with trouble Films?

"Well, first of all, I absolutely love Courtney Trouble. Trouble Films have been so generous with their knowledge and experience in guiding me into being more successful. Also, Trouble Films is a platform where I get to produce the erotica that best reflects who I really am and the inclusiveness that I was to see. I want to make the porn that I want to see in the world and Trouble Films allows and encourages me to do that."

What is your favorite scene in this? What do you remember most about making this?

"I don't like picking favorites; every scene has something special to offer and everyone I performed with brought their 'A' game."

What are you proudest of about how this came out?

"I am proudest that this is my first release with Trouble Films and that it has sparked my inspiration. I have so many more ideas for future releases. I am proud to be making some authentic queer sex movies."

So what else is coming up for you?

"We're excited to be working with all the new models while in Vegas and stepping up our custom video production as well all a few passion projects that I'm dying to finish. Changes will be coming to my website. I'll be camming more and producing a lot more of the content that you've come to expect and enjoy from Sinn Sage Studios."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for your continuing support it really means everything to me. Please reach out to me any time at"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Trouble Films. Click right here to watch "Strap-On Sinners" right now!

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