Sexluni Has Some Massage and Butt Plug Fun

February 4, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Massaged And Muchly Fucked!

Meet amateur porn performing couple Sexluni. They have decided to share their sex life with the world and that is a damn awesome and generous thing to do. She has long legs and just a super fine ass and she gets a massage from her lover man. He oils her up with some kind of nice massage oil. After a bunch of time well spent rubbing her down, he starts spreading her ass open for us. Yeah, she is super fine. She takes a thin butt plug right up her ass. Nice.

He is super, super into her body here and he loves fucking her pussy with that butt plug in her, giving her that pleasantly full double penetration sensation. That makes her moan a ton. They have to keep that plug on in her ass so either of them keeps a hand on it during the fucking. Maybe spring for a bigger plug, you two? Also, get some lube. That loogie that you spat upon your lady fair....well, you both deserve better.

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