Roxy Lips Has Her Anal Dreams Come True Over at 21 Naturals

February 4, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Anal Fantasies Get Fulfilled!

Hot Russian porn performer Roxy Lips puts together a vision board-esque display of a bunch of things that she desires before her scene partner Charlie Dean shows up in their new scene together over at 21 Naturals. She has a display of all kinds of things that symbolize material goods that she desires all put on display in a visually appealing way on a table and according to the New Age-y book "The Secret", making this kind of vision board display is a way of making the universe give you exactly what you want.

Well, Lips putting her ass out there for Dean to lick pretty much guarantees her that Dean is going to give her the ass fucking she wants so that is all pretty awesome. That motorcycle will arrive in your life soon, Lips! His cock definitely makes its arrival known in her asshole in this scene and she just loves getting her ass fucked here. She is all smiles as he give it to her while she is wearing nothing but those funky red and white striped stockings.

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