Pretty Sure Jennifer Lopez's Hotness Started That Fire

February 2, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Jennifer Lopez cleavage

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo Is Just That Hot

The great American songwriting William Joel, better known as Billy, once sang about how; "we didn't start the fire." For the longest time I was pretty sure he did because he wouldn't stop saying he didn't do it, but now I know Billy Joel didn't start the fire, it was Jennifer Lopez's hotness that sparked the blaze.

Well, at least Jennifer Lopez rocking a sports bra and yoga pants started the fire that was behind her. I bet that's why she's all smiles. She was just walking by the fireplace and spark, spark, spark of hotness; there was a roaring fire. She just had to stop and snap a pic for Instagram to let all of us know that Jennifer Lopez's hotness can start literally fires. It kind of makes you wonder how many fires Jennifer Lopez and her super hot body started that we don't know about. I wonder if she has to pay someone to walk around with a fire extinguisher to put out any blaze that Jennifer Lopez's cleavage and/or sexy rump start.

And yeah, I know there's a chance that the fire was already burning when Jennifer Lopez and her sexy body walked by, but I think those odds are pretty slim. Jennifer Lopez's hotness is just that kind of hot, it can start fires.

via Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

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