Halsey In A Bikini is Hot, Hot, Hot

February 1, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Halsey bikini


Halsey Should Perform In A Bikini

Look, I don't how else to really say this without hitting the nail on the head: Halsey in a bikini is hot, hot, hot. That's three times hot and that's pretty damn hot. I really don't know why she doesn't wear bikinis more. I get the whole wearing sexy costumes while performing thing, but is there any outfit sexier on Halsey than a bikini?

Plus when you give it some thought, wearing a bikini while performing is actually a pretty great idea. All that moving around, the super hot lights, one would imagine that Halsey would end up being pretty damn comfortable while on stage. Also, I would think it might even draw larger crowds. And think of the packing! Man, you could probably fit Halsey's entire tour wardrobe in one small suitcase. She could totally take another suitcase for like jammies and sweats and other stuff. The main thing is if Halsey wore nothing, but bikinis while she's rocking out, she would really be rocking out. It would be an awesome sight to see, just like this Instagram post.

Maybe we can start planting the seeds and Halsey will give it some thought. After all, even if Halsey decides not to perform in a bikini at least we'll get plenty of Halsey bikini Instagram posts and that's pretty damn awesome.

via Halsey on Instagram

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