Is That A Pierced Nipple Bella Thorne?

January 28, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Bella Thorne pierced nipple

Learning About Bella Thorne's Pierced Nipple Is Fun

Often people talk about the importance of learning something new every day. It doesn't matter if it's something big or something little, but gaining new knowledge is never a bad thing. Today, I learned something new thanks to the wonderful power of social media: Bella Thorne has a pierced nipple. Yeah, that kind of knowledge is pretty damn awesome.

Now, if you already knew that Bella Thorne had a pierced nip, then congrats to you, please enjoy the Instagram post of her in a really tight, kind of see-through black shirt. For the rest of us, we get an extra special treat. Besides seeing Bella Thorne in a really tight, kind of see-through black shirt, we are seeing her pierced nipple for the first time. Personally, I'm over the over the moon. I love learning, I really do. And I love Bella Thorne's boobs, so this is a double win for me. Really, it's a double win for all of us. Even if you already knew Bella Thorne had a pierced nipple, it's still pretty great to get a reminder.

They say knowledge is power, but really the best kind of knowledge is the power of knowing a super hot model has a pierced nipple. Armed with this kind of knowledge there's nothing we can't conquer. Though, if you'd rather stay in and look at Bella Thorne's pierced nipple that's cool too.

via Bella Thorne on Instagram

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