Christina Hendricks Adds Cleavage To Everything

January 29, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Christina Hendricks cleavage

Christina Hendricks

Put This Christina Hendricks Pic On A Wall

The one thing I tend to not enjoy about hotels is the fact so many things are white or off white or just a general shade of dull. We all need some color in our lives, something that makes the world full of wonder and wow. Really what we all need is Christina Hendricks's cleavage everywhere.

Christina Hendricks really does brighten up any room. Hell, I think one could go so far as to say Christina Hendricks lights up the outside as well. It's not the sun shining down all day, it's Christina Hendricks's cleavage. You know, I think I've come up the perfect solution for all the dull hotel rooms around the world; large paintings of Christina Hendricks on the wall. Maybe they could put it above the bed or on a wall so you could see it when you first walk in the room. Talk about one hell of a first impression. If a hotel chain did that I think that would be the only place I would ever stay. I'm sure I'm not the only one. If there is anything that would make me want to stay in a hotel, it's Christina Hendricks's cleavage.

I can see it now, larger than life, just like Christina Hendricks's cleavage. Smiling down on you, making you feel right at home. Yep, Christina Hendricks's cleavage is the perfect thing to add cleavage--I mean color to everything. No, I think I meant cleavage.

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