Is Elizabeth Hurley Nude Under That Shirt?

January 28, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Elizabeth Hurley see-through top

Is This The Hottest Elizabeth Hurley Post Ever?

First off, Elizabeth Hurley is freaking hot as hell in this see-through number. Second, and some would say more importantly, is Elizabeth Hurley nude under that shirt? She's clearly not wearing a bra or bikini top or whatever, her boobs are rather visible. Upon closer inspection I can't say for sure if Elizabeth Hurley is wearing undies or a bikini bottom or anything else.

I'm not complaining, far from it, I'm more just curious as to whether or not Elizabeth Hurley is walking around some fancy resort with nothing more than a see-through top on. Okay, just saying that out loud almost made me pass out. I mean, I know Elizabeth Hurley has to be nude at some point in her day, but the idea of her wearing nothing more than this red sheer number.... oh, happened again. I almost banged my head on the desk due to lack of oxygen headed to my brain. We all love Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini, but this just might be her sexiest post of all time.

In my heart of hearts, Elizabeth Hurley is nude, but in reality... who knows? It's a mystery. I don't know if we'll ever find out for sure and even if we do, will we believe it? The only thing I can believe for sure is that this is the hottest Elizabeth Hurley Instagram post of all time.

via the nip slip

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