Miley Cyrus Is Breaking Hearts In A Black Dress

January 26, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Miley Cyrus Is Such A Stunner

Miley Cyrus is a stunner, we all know this to be true. There are tons and tons of reasons we love Miley Cyrus, most of them involve her constant nudity, but let me tell you seeing her in this black dress is just breaking my heart. In a good way, mind you. I'm not crying on the floor or anything, but man Miley Cyrus is one hell of a stunner in this little black number.

Sure, her cleavage looks amazing, it tends to whenever she's fully dressed. She's got some awesome boobs and those make for some sweet cleavage, but this all Miley Cyrus dressed for a lovely night on the town is just magical. I can't imagine being somewhere and seeing Miley Cyrus stroll in wearing this black dress. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off her. I'm not able to take my eyes off her now which, is presenting to be a bit of a challenge to get anything done. Alas, I'll find a way to get through, but my mind will be on Miley Cyrus in this black dress.

I'm tempted to say I'd love some more Miley Cyrus black dress pics, but I don't want to give off the impression I'm tired of Miley Cyrus nude pics. Quite the opposite, those will always be the best because Miley Cyrus is one hell of a stunner.

via Miley Cyrus on Instagram

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