Nothing Can Distract From Halle Berry's Hotness

January 25, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Halle Berry cleavage

Halle Berry

Halle Berry's Sexiness Is Easy To Understand

One thing I've never understood is the whole someone wearing some kind of face mask played for humor in movies. You know, someone finds the hottie wearing some kind of gunk all over their face and it's supposed to be funny. Why? I don't get it? Skincare is important. Also, Halle Berry wearing a face mask and bikini is really hot.

There is nothing in this world that Halle Berry could do that would take away from her hotness. I think it's great she cares about her skin and puts on masks that help make it look the best. And she does it while wearing a bikini, that's awesome. And sexy. It's more sexy than awesome because, you know, it's Halle Berry in a bikini. That's always going to be sexy. She's got some pretty great cleavage and there is no changing that. She can't just put on a face mask and not be sexy, that's not how it works. Though, I do wonder if she's wearing a full bikini or just the top. In my mind, it's a full bikini because that's way sexier.

Good, clean, refreshed skin is sexy. Halle Berry in a bikini is sexy. So why would putting those two things together not be sexy? Yeah, I just don't get that one. I do, however, get Halle Berry's awesome cleavage in a bikini. That's easy to understand.

via Halle Berry on Instagram

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