Whitney Wright Is A Virgin Pressured Into Sex After Escaping A Cult Over at Pure Taboo

January 24, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

She Needs Help!

Poor Whitney Wright has made her way out of a terrible cult with her family and she is meeting with social worker Derrick Pierce to figure out the next steps in her life in their new scene together over at Pure Taboo. She and her family are staying at a shelter while they piece their lives back together after escaping the cult of Father Warren, a man who controlled them all with fear, punishment and occasionally, sex. Wright managed to stay a virgin, though, in the face of all of that adversity and manipulation.

Although Wright is free, the manipulation in her life is not over. You see, Pierce has taken a special interest in this very hot, damaged, young woman. He wants to help himself to her virginity. If she does not go along with it, well, who knows what could happen to her and her family? It might be really hard for her to get someone to advocate for them, given how difficult and complex her situation is. She can either get fucked by him or watch her and her family get really fucked by the system.

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