Where Are Your Nipples Rita Ora?

January 23, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

We Should Be Enjoying All Of Rita Ora's Boobs

As I've stated before, I'm really into this Rita Ora boob phase she's been going through. Rita Ora has some fantastic boobs and any time we get to see them, I feel happier than I was before. But this time around, I'm staring at Rita Ora's boobs and wondering where the hell are her nipples?

Honestly, I can't tell if they are photoshopped out of the picture or she's wearing pasties or what. I know Rita Ora has nipples, I've seen them before, you've seen them before, we've all seen them before. This time around I'm left scratching my head because I have no clue where Rita Ora's nipples went. And I feel like I should be focused on the fact that we are seeing some more Rita Ora boob, even if it's not the whole boob, and yet I can't draw my attention away from the lack of nipples. Maybe we all asked too much, we expect too much, these are Instagram pics and we all know how Instagram feels about nipples, even if they belong to Rita Ora.

Maybe some unedited pics of Rita Ora being topless are on the way. Maybe she just wanted to give us a little preview. I really do hope so because I don't want to think about Rita Ora sans nipples.

via Rita Ora on Instagram

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