Don't Stay Away So Long Shay Mitchell

January 23, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

We Need More Shay Mitchell In A Bikini

Man, it feels like forever since Shay Mitchell has come across my desk and now that I'm staring at her beautiful bikini body from all sides, all I can think it I don't want Shay Mitchell to be gone this long. She really needs to be posting bikini pics like every week or every other week at least.

And I understand that Shay Mitchell has a busy schedule, she has to work to do, some maybe she can find a fun way to snap a couple of bikini pics in her downtime. It could be something as simple as Shay Mitchell trying on bikinis in her trailer or Shay Mitchell relaxing after a long day of work in a bikini. The main point is we need to get Shay Mitchell in a bikini a little more often. Sure, we'd all be happy with Shay Mitchell in a bikini on the small or big screen, but there's nothing like some Shay Mitchell sexiness coming from her Instagram account. If she would prefer lingerie, we'd be fine with that too.

Seriously, this Shay Mitchell sexiness needs to be something that happens way more often that it does. She's way too sexy to have her sexiness on display every so often. Once a week almost seems like not enough Shay Mitchell sexiness, but we'll make it work.

via Shay Mitchell on Instagram

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