Irina Shayk Flashes A Smile And Her Ass

January 22, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Irina Shayk ass

Irina Shayk

You Can't Help, But Smile At Irina Shayk's Ass

The term "flashes a smile" as always been one that I don't quite understand. I don't get how you flash a smile, you either or don't you. It's not like one magically appears and then instantly disappears. Really the only time we should "flashes a smile" is after you have been flashed. The smile you have your face right now because Irina Shayk flashed her ass, that's a flashing smile.

There really needs to be a word for what happens to the human body after Irina Shayk flashes her ass. You can't help, but react and that reaction should be called a flash smile. No more of this "he/she flashed a smile at me" nonsense. Flashing a smile can only be related to after effects of seeing a beautiful boob, bush or in this case, a beautiful Irina Shayk butt. Then it makes sense, the actions are connected, we can understand what is happening to us.

You can't deny that you're smiling. Whether you planned on it or not, Irina Shayk and her hot ass have made you smile from ear to ear. You flashing the best flashing smile anyone could ever smile.

via Irina Shayk on Instagram

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