Is It Time For Some New Brooke Shields Nudity?

January 21, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields's Cleavage Is Hot, The Boobs Must Be Hot Too

I sit here staring at the beautiful cleavage of one Brooke Shields, I can't help, but let my mind wander. As it races from thought to thought, it keeps coming back to the same question. Is it time for some new Brooke Shields nudity? In my humble opinion, yes.

Brooke Shields is still a solid gold hottie with one hell of a body and since I can't really remember the last time she went topless in something, I think it's time. It's that uncommon for someone to long stretch without going nude, but what's that old saying about time making the heart grow fonder or whatever? We'd all love to see Brooke Shields topless again. You can't deny the awesomeness of her cleavage so, just imagine how great her boobs must look. If you aren't imagining that right now, there is something wrong. Sure, the decision is and always will be up to Brooke Shields, but if she wants to go topless, then she should go topless.

No doubt we'll continue to have more super sexy Brooke Shields moments, but maybe, just maybe we'll get a new Brooke Shields topless scene as well. That would make for one great day. Let's all make a wish for a new Brooke Shields topless scene.

photo via Stella Magazine

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