Hey, Emily Ratajkowski's Boob!

January 21, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Emily Ratajkowski boob

Emily Ratajkowski

Seeing Emily Ratajkowski's Boob Is Better Than Seeing An Old Friend

You know I love seeing Emily Ratajkowski's boobs. Any way she wants to show, I want to look, we all want to look. Whether it's straight on, from the side, or in this case a little peek at a single boob, looking at Emily Ratajkowski's boob is like seeing an old friend.

That's the kind of relationship I think we all have with Emily Ratajkowski's boobs. We are at the level where we can say hello. We won't be invited over for dinner or anything, but it would be rude of us not to acknowledge Emily Ratajkowski's boob or boobs when they are present. Like we don't have to buy Emily Ratajkowski's boob or boobs a gift on their birthday or even send a card. A simple hello or hi or what's up when they pop up will do fine. Emily Ratajkowski's boob or boobs have earned that from us. We have a bond. A boob bond. And that bond is one of the reasons we love Emily Ratajkowski so much. That and her willingness to be nude frequently.

You know, I'm going to say seeing Emily Ratajkowski's boob is better than running into an old friend. At least when you see Emily Ratajkowski's boob you don't have to pretend to be interested, you really are interested.

via Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram

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