"Suspiria" Is Full Of Surprises And Full Of Nudity

January 18, 2019 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

"Suspiria" Might Require A Second Viewing

Now I will fully admit to my ignorance about the film Suspiria. I really thought it was just going to be a movie about a dance company, the rivalries, the crazy dances, and some new Dakota Johnson nudity. I had no idea what I was really in for. And if you haven't seen it, hold on to your butts.

Look, I really don't want to get into what the whole movie is about because I'm not 100% sure that I got everything. All I know is there is awesome nudity, some strange nudity, and some awesomely strange nudity in this film. While I do believe it's worth at least one watch, I mean you can't say no to a film that features a nude scene with Mia Goth, Sara Sguotti, Olivia Ancona, and Josepha Madoki all at the same time. Though the Chloë Grace Moretz nudity is covered in some crazy old age makeup so you don't even really know it's her. But hey, maybe that means we are closer to the Chloe Grace Moretz nude debut.

Anyway, you are going to have to make your own judgment on this one. I'm always done for some strange and sexy nudity, but this one left me wondering what the hell I just watched. Guess I'll have to watch it again to see if I can figure it out.

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