Betsy Swoon Drops Knowledge and Her Panties For The World Over at Naked News

January 17, 2019 | Posted in Sponsored by holly-kingstown

The Best News Is Naked News!

Anchorwoman Betsy Swoon is all naked and all full of today's headlines in this clip that appears here courtesy of our sexy sister site Naked News. She starts off this news segment by talking about how Japan seems to have gotten back into the whale killing business full time and that Japan has bailed on the International Whaling Commission, a global governing body that works together on whale conservation and species management issues. Man, that is freaking sad. If tofurkey is a thing in this world and it sure as fuck is, there is surely no freaking reason to kill a big, beautiful, majestic creature like a whale. Whales don't do anything to people at all. Just craft some whale meat out of soy or veggie protein, Japan! Fake it until you make it, people!

Anyway, Swoon has a nice rack, doesn't she? I like how her ink accents her tits. She goes on to talk about the weird and huge disc of ice that has shown up in Maine and how it turns all the time. It is a weird, damn world that we live in.

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