Nicole Byer Gets Cheeky

January 16, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Not A Fan Of Boob Emojis? Nicole Byer Flashes Her Ass!

Normally this is when I would start ranting and raving about Instagram not allowing someone to show their boobs, but man Nicole Byer's way of covering up is sexy as hell and funny as well, that's a pretty great combo if you ask me.

Of course, if you find Nicole Byer's boobs being covered up by emojis to more annoying than anything else, I can kind of relate, but thankfully she also gave us a nice ass shot. There is no way anyone is walking away from seeing Nicole Byer's ass and feeling upset. She's got a nice ass. While I do harbor some resentment towards Instagram because if Nicole Byer wants to show her boobs, she should be allowed to show her boobs, I still am enjoying these pictures. I think coffin and bomb are my favorite, but the salad and devil did also bring a smile to my face.

Hey, maybe next time around Nicole Byer will find a place to show off her boobs, if she so wants, but if she feels like doing another round of Emoji Boobs on Instagram, I think we'll enjoy that one too. Maybe she'll even throw in another ass pic.

via Nicole Byer on Instagram

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