Ciara In A Bikini Certainly Is Captivating

January 16, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ciara bikini


Schedule Your Ciara Bikini Gazing When You Can

There is nothing like something catching your eye. Whether it's a glimpse of something or staring straight at something beautiful, when you are caught you can't look away nor do you want to. Ciara in a bikini is not only eye-catching, but it truly is something beautiful that you don't want to look away from.

Nor should you look away. I'm not saying you should clear your schedule in order to spend your day staring longingly at Ciara in a bikini, that's what your evenings are for! Though, if you wanted to take the day, I would totally understand. It's Ciara in a bikini, who doesn't want to take as much as time as they can to gaze upon her awesome bikini body. You could always split the difference and just take a half day to look at Ciara in a bikini. Basically only you can decide how much time to devote to Ciara in a bikini. Though, it should be a good amount because, you know, it's really hot.

I'm sure these Instagram pics were taken for fun, but I feel the need to say that Ciara would make a pretty great swimwear model. I think someone out there in the swimwear design world should browse your Instagram account and let her do some modeling.

Ciara bikini


via Ciara on Instagram

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