Where Are You Topless Nina Agdal?

January 16, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Nina Agdal topless

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal Can Be Topless Wherever She Wants

Before we jump into this, let's go ahead and state the obvious; Nina Agdal topless is amazing. Whether she's full on topless or rocking a hand bra, each and every one of us love Nina Agdal topless. This is never in doubt. The only question running through my head is where topless Nina Agdal is?

For a second, a split second I thought she might be in like a tanning bed or something, but those tend to glow blue. This Instagram pic she appears to have some kind of pink-ish yellow-ish light on her. I have no idea what that's from. Also, topless Nina Agdal is wet or at least she has some water droplets on her super sexy tummy. I guess she could be in a sauna, but who takes there phone into a sauna? Wouldn't all that steam be bad for the phone or could it just be that Nina Agdal is so damn hot when she's topless there is nothing that would stop her from snapping a couple selfies? One of those answers seems more likely the than the other.

While I know I shouldn't focus on where topless Nina Agdal is, but instead concern myself with the glory of Nina Agdal, the mind tends to wander and there's no stopping it. Though, it should be stated that Nina Agdal should be able to be topless wherever and whenever she so chooses.

via Nina Agdal on Instagram

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