This Lesbian Couple Has Some Sexy New Year Bubble Bath Fun

January 15, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Happy New Year, You Two!

This lovely lesbian couple hails from the Motor City of Detroit in the lovely state of Michigan and they have decided to ring in the new year by getting a hotel room with a big in-suite bathtub. They call it a hot tub here but it is a bubble bath and wow, they get sudsy. Man, I love a big bathtub like that and I definitely choose my hotel lodgings around what the tub/shower situation is.

They are sharing that bath and the TV is blasting one of the Matrix movies which does not put me in the mood all that much but it definitely works for this couple. The remote control for the TV is not in reach but they are definitely all over each other under those bubbles. They definitely love pleasuring each other under the water and they do just that. I have never actually had an orgasm underwater. I wonder what that is like. How are they different? Anyone? Anyway, Happy New Year to these happy lovebirds and to you.

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