Is This A Sexy Metaphor, Iskra Lawrence?

January 14, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Iskra Lawrence Has Some Huge Melons

To say that Iskra Lawrence has big melons is kind of an understatement. She's not rocking grapefruits or cantaloupes, now she's got some awesome melons. I know it, you know it, and Iskra Lawrence knows it. So, I'm wondering if that's why the photographer behind this spread decided to show off her awesome using round fruit as a backdrop.

Is this a sexy metaphor? And if so, do we need a sexy metaphor for Iskra Lawrence's cleavage. Her boobs are huge so, I mean, it's kind of going the easy route if you ask me. It's like the photographer didn't even put much thought into this one. Then again, you have Iskra Lawrence and her cleavage, you don't have to do much to make us think. Her cleavage sends our minds off in hundreds of different directions all at once. That's what happens when you've got two huge melons like Iskra Lawrence. Man, I'm starting to get hungry? Anyone else carving a fruit salad while they stare at some sexy pics of Iskra Lawrence? Is it just me?

Hey, I'm not faulting the photographer, they did create some pretty awesome Iskra Lawrence cleavage pics. All I'm getting at is you don't need the metaphor when you got the real thing. Well, I'm going to get some fruit for lunch now.

photos by Alena Mealy

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