Frankie Kennedy Strips and Delivers Entertainment News Over at Naked News

January 11, 2019 | Posted in Sponsored by holly-kingstown

Frankie Is Fabulous Over at Naked News!

Entertainment anchorwoman Frankie Kennedy dishes up a whole bunch of celebrity news over at Fleshbot's super sexy sister site Naked News. Jeff Bezos is getting a divorce and his soon-to-be ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos is headed for a payday that could be pretty freaking epic given Mr. Bezos' estimated net worth of $126 billion as of last year. Both of the Naked News anchors are all about going after Mr. Bezos but me, I think I would go after MacKenzie Bezos. She is much hotter than he is, IMHO and I would be down for whatever she was into, I think.

The Fiji Water Girl was a big deal at the Golden Globes this year and I can not blame Jamie Lee Curtis one bit for not wanting to have any part in that whole thing of selling that crappy water. Curtis got paid for all of those yogurt ads! She did not do them out of the goodness of her heart and she was absolutely right to not want to display that water, no matter how hot the model is.

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