Vienna Black Gets Blackmailed Into Losing Her Virginity By Casey Calvert Over at Pure Taboo

January 10, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

This Taboo Couple Gets What They Want!

Innocent schoolgirl Vienna Black is thrilled to help her fellow student/hot bad boy Justin Hunt study for a test in their new scene together over at Pure Taboo. She is at the fancy school that they both go to on a scholarship but Hunt is very wealthy and she is thrilled to get some alone time with him at the mansion that he lives in. Black is less than thrilled to see Hunt's mean girl stepsister Casey Calvert there too and she is not happy at all that Calvert has decided to take part in their study session.

The scene vaguely reminds me of the movie "Cruel Intentions" but here, nerdy Black is completely freaked out to find that her bad boy crush object Hunt has an ongoing sexual relationship with his stepsister. Calvert says that the only way that Calvert will not go ahead and tell the whole school that Black is a whore who tried to seduce them is if Black does everything that they want her to do....and all that stuff is very sexual. Virgin Black feels that she has no choice but to give in.

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