How Sexy Will Lily-Rose Depp Get This Year?

January 11, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Will We Get A Topless Lily-Rose Depp?

As I began flipping through these pics of Lily-Rose Depp, I started to wonder what will 2019 Lily-Rose Depp bring us? She's starting off the year pretty damn sexy, but how sexy will Lily-Rose Depp be in 2019? What new sexy leaps and bounds will Lily-Rose Depp take? How sexy will Lily-Rose Depp be in this new year?

I don't know, there is no way any of us could know, but in my gut I have a feeling this might be the year of Lily-Rose Depp. We might be seeing a whole new side of Lily-Rose Depp we haven't seen before. And by a "new side" I mean topless. Yes, I'm saying I hope Lily-Rose Depp goes topless this year. And I mean full on, nothing in the way, not hiding behind to cleverly place labs, nothing between the camera and what one imagines are two very awesome breasts. Hey, I could be totally off base. Lily-Rose Depp could be holding off on going topless until 2020, I don't know. But starting the year off in a bra, just has me believing that maybe, just maybe this is the year of Lily-Rose Depp going topless.

Only time will tell and thankfully while we are waiting I have no doubt we'll get some more Lily-Rose Depp sexiness. Even if she doesn't go topless, I think she'll still be pretty damn sexy.

photos via Vogue Australia Magazine

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