Checking In with Karla Lane and the Shape Of Beauty

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Karla Has The Shape Of Beauty

AVN Niche Performer of the Year nominee Karla Lane stars in the debut scene of Adult Time's Shape Of Beauty, a new BBW series created by Bree Mills. Here's what Lane had to say about all of the successes in her world.


Hello! So how are you, Karla? How are things going?

"I’m ecstatic right now!!! I can’t get over all of the positive responses to Shape Of Beauty. I’ve had a incredible year with Pure Taboo's 'The Weight of Infidelity' and directing my first 3 movies. Trouble Films' 'BBW Sex Party' is nominated for an AVN plus I got three individual AVN nominations."

Congrats on starring in the debut scene over at the new site! Your new scene there is super hot and very compelling. What did you enjoy most about performing the scene?

"My favorite part about perform in the scene was working with the team in Canada. We created something so uniquely sensual. We all worked really hard to make this scene visually different and something never before seen in the plus size genre."

Is the hardcore sex you have in this something that you enjoy a lot of in your personal life or is it something that you save more for your performing life?

"To be honest, this is probably the most personal sex scene I have ever done. It felt really intimate and different from anything I’ve done before. There was a true connection between Alex and I. I think you can feel it when you watch this scene."

What did you find most challenging about performing this scene?

"Have you ever had sex in the shower before? The shower created a different feel to the scene but it’s probably one of the most difficult places ever to have sex in. LOL! The statistics of how many people die in a bathroom every year flashed through my head a few times before the scene."

What do you enjoy most about working for Gamma Films?

"Gamma makes you feel like you’re part of the family, that your opinions matter and will help in creating the final product. That’s very unique to porn companies nowadays. I want to make the Gamma family proud."

What do you love most about the new Shape Of Beauty site? How was working for Bree Mills making this?

"I think the Shape Of Beauty site can change the plus size genre by introducing a new format to a genre that is typically just gonzo videos. I think it’s going to showcase models in a whole new light and that is going to give the fans a new experience.

Working with Bree on any products is just magical. Bree is changing the face of what we consider porn with every new project she comes up with. I can’t get over how creative Bree is with the ideas and how passionate she is about her projects. I hope Shape Of Beauty gives other plus size models the opportunity to work with the magician known as Bree."

How was working with Alex Duca in this?

"Can you say 'hunk'?!!! Seriously when I saw his picture, my lady parts started tingling. I really wanted Alex to feel relaxed and comfortable and I even gave him a foot massage before the scene started. He made me feel so beautiful and loved. Alex is an amazing performer and overall just a special person."

What are you proudest of about how this came out?

"I’m so proud that even before the launch of the Shape Of Beauty, the season was already extended to add more episodes. I am so proud of my fans and my fellow models and that they would all come together to support each other to make this project succeed. We can show the world that something as unique as Shape Of Beauty has a place and can thrive."

So what else is coming up for you?

"In 2019, I’ll be celebrating 14 years in the adult business. I want to focus on things that have never been done before with a plus size model. I want to break the mold and change the status quo. Bree has inspired me to look outside of what I think is achievable and reach for the stars."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"My fans have changed my life and continue to do so. I do this for all of you. Thank you for reading this article on Fleshbot. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Shape Of Beauty. Click right here to watch Lane's scene right now!

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