Fleshbot’s Top Ten Sex Toys of 2018!

January 11, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

The Most Loved Sex Toys of 2018!

The fine readers of this website are nice enough to buy their sexual wares in our online store to help this place keep the lights on. (Thanks very, very much that. Really.) These were the toys most purchased by Fleshbot readers in 2018. Consider this a ringing endorsement of these toys. The readers voted on their quality with their dollars and I can tell you from my personal experiences that the toys on this are pretty aces.

10) Doc Johnson/Kink's Cock Jock Silicone Cock Ring

This very nice cock ring that is a collaboration between the Good Doc Johnson and the fetish professionals at Kink emulates the way that an athletic supporter cradles a man's nutsack while he plays various sportsball things. I am not a sports fan but I am definitely a fan of balls and this hold them nicely from what I have seen. Be sure to pick up some water-based lube if you give this beauty a try!

9) Durex's Massage and Play Intensify 2 In 1 Lubricant

I reviewed this back in August and I have to say that I used up the entire bottle of this awesome condom-safe lube/massage gel that has guarana in it. It has this nice, lightly spice taste and fragrance to it that reminded me of something like an apple dessert but it's not an overly foody taste. It is great for massaging a person just about anywhere. Recommended.

8) XR Brands' Model R Smooth Rimming Plug

I reviewed this back in August and it is definitely a great plug for practiced anal players. This girthy plus is made of silicone so be sure that you have plenty, PLENTY of water-based lube on hand. Wow, this one makes an asshole gape really, REALLY well. It charges via USB cable and it is worth every penny if you are an anal aficionado.

7) Blush Novelties' Precision VX2 Penis Pump

When it comes to pumping it up, this Blush Novelties beauty was the tool of choice. I love the clear chamber on this and how the precision air pressure gauge lets a penis owner monitor what is going on with their rod in this. You get the pump and a cock ring with this and both are made of very bodysafe materials with a quick action pressure release valve.

6) NS Novelties' Renegade Stamina Rings

These super duper budget friendly beauties are made of very stretchy TPE which can accommodate any penis owner out there. You can use any kind of lube you want with these and you can going to want to lube up to make the applying and removing of these go without a hitch. There is a lot to love about a simple, well-made cock ring and how well it presents a cock and balls. Add these to your order next time you visit our store!

5) NS Novelties' Sinful Silicone Gag

The NS Novelties Sinful line has a ton of high quality bondage gear that makes it affordable to give a lot of your fetish fantasies a shot. This lovely gag was one that Fleshbot readers put into their carts this year and I am definitely a fan of a quiet submissive. It is lined in neoprene so that it is comfortable to wear at the ball itself is a soft silicone that is easy to bite down on.

4) Doc Johnson's Crystal Jellies Butt Plug-Medium

These simple yet kinda perfect plugs were the stuff that Fleshbot readers craved for 2018. They are made of TPE and can be used with any lube you like. They are soft, flexible and just perfect for any anal newbie. Fleshbot readers went for the medium size but you can always pick up a smaller one if you want to start your anal adventures slower.

3) NS Novelties' Firefly Glass Glow in the Dark Tapered Plug

I reviewed this fantastic borosilicate butt plug back in March and yeah, Fleshbot readers bought this toy for their anal fun in the dark. It looks so damn cool in a butthole in the dark and if you want to add a glass toy to your anal play, why not have one that freaking glows in the dark? It is so fun and pretty and cool. How could someone you were fucking say no if you presented them a glow in the dark plug for their buttholes? I know I wouldn't. Great job, readers. Cash well spent.

2) Wicked Sensual Care's Aqua Water-Based Pink Lemonade Lubricant

Fleshbot readers bought oodles of Wicked Sensual Care flavored lube this year. The other most favored flavors were peppermint cocoa and vanilla bean but pink lemonade was the flavor that Fleshbot readers pick up the most of in 2018. It is great stuff too. Here's my review of it.

And now for the second year in a row....

1) Zero Tolerance Toys' Lisa Ann Realistic Vagina Stroker

For the second year in a row, this stroker was Fleshbot readers for their masturbation toy needs. The stroker has pleasure nubs built into it made to pleasure the user's cock while they rub one out to the included four hour Zero Tolerance movie download that includes a whole lot of Ann getting fucked well.

The image of Lisa Ann above is from Lisa Ann Productions/Evil Angel's "Black Out 3".

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