Elsa Hosk Woke Up Feeling Nude

January 8, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

I Mean Feeling Great!

There are few things better in this world than waking up refreshed. Whether it's from a good night's sleep or that day you've been long waiting for is finally here, springing out of bed and feeling great is something we all want. Though, I'm not sure anyone will wake feeling as nude as Elsa Hosk did. She felt so nude she decided to share it with us on Instagram.

I must admit that even though I often sleep in the nude, I've never woken up so happy about that fact that I felt the need to film it. Then again, I'm not Elsa Hosk and I don't have the incredible nude body of Elsa Hosk. I'm sure if that was the case I'd wake up nude and be all excited about being nude and wanting to share with the world all the awesome nudity. But I'm not so, I don't. Thankfully Elsa Hosk has no problem waking up all nude and letting us know she feels great about it. To be honest, I feel pretty great about Elsa Hosk being nude as well.

It doesn't matter to matter if Elsa Hosk is waking up from a long winters nap or this is her morning routine, any time she wants to share her nude body with us, I'm all for it. Oh, Elsa Hosk, you really do know how to start the morning off on the right boob.

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