We Demand More Eiza González In Bikinis

January 8, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Eiza González Bikini On Beach

Eiza González

We Do Not Have Enough Eiza González In Bikinis

I'm not one to go around screaming and yelling about the things I want, nay need, but this one time I can't sit back and just ask nicely. Today, I'm here to proclaim for all the world to hear that we are officially demanding more Eiza González in bikinis.

Doesn't matter the cut of the bikini, doesn't matter the color of the bikini, doesn't matter if Eiza González is in a bikini by the pool or in the sands of the ocean, we simply need more Eiza González. I don't know the last time I was this wound up about someone in a bikini. There's just something about Eiza González and her incredible body in a bikini that is giving my body cravings. It's like when you decide you're going to eat healthy and all your body wants is Oreos, it's like that feeling, but about Eiza González in a bikini. There is a need there, our bodies are missing something, and the other thing that will fulfill that craving is more Eiza González in more bikinis.

So, come on Hollywood, make this happen. We are not getting enough Eiza González in bikinis. She's doing her best with her Instagram account, but you guys need to step up. Find more stuff for Eiza González do to where she can wear a bikini, ASAP!

Eiza González Bikini Surf board

Eiza González

via Eiza González on Instagram

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