Sabrina Gets A Whole Lot of Tickling

January 7, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Laugh It Out!

Sabrina is the full focus of this very interesting tickle fetish encounter. It is an interesting, uncut scene that definitely shows what a director goes through to get a fetish scene done. He loves Sabrina's laugh and the look of her lovely soles so he does what it takes to keep her bound and getting tickled until she has to tap out. They end up trying a spreader bar to keep her able to get tickled for more than a minute or two.

She has done a bunch of foot fetish work before for (ahem) private customers who would lick her toes as part of their getting off but the tickling is a whole other thing. She does a lot better and can take a lot more tickling when she is cuffed to the bar. She insists her toes are not ticklish but oh, they are. It is not just her soles that are ticklish. I love the tickler/cameraman's Joker tattoo. It works well with the whole kink and theme of this. So what do you think of this?

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