Mia Rose Enjoys Hot Hotel Room Sex

January 4, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Hotel Sex Rules

Mia Rose (not the porn star with the same name) and her black shirt wearing lover man have a fine and sexy romp in a hotel room somewhere in Europe in this short scene. She has just an incredible, natural body and she enjoys the hell out of her man's cock. Wonder why he does not remove that shirt. I am thinking that he has some super recognizable tattoo going on under there.

Hotel room sex is freaking great. I love the way you have to control the amount of noise you make...or not. I love trying out all the furniture in the room, looking for the best possible fucking positions. (The Hard Rock in Las Vegas has the best couches I have found in a hotel room to put a guy on when you want him to enjoy a blowjob. Those couches just let me get my neck at the right angle to give super deepthroat. You're welcome for the travel tip!) Anyway, enjoy this fun hotel romp.

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