Lily-Rose Depp In A Blue Bikini Is Lovely

January 4, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

lily rose depp blue bikini

Lily Rose Depp 

Lily-Rose Depp Should Wear Blue More Often

You know, I've been sitting here for a good long while now, staring longingly at Lily-Rose Depp in this blue bikini and the only thing going through my mind is how lovely she looks. I'm not saying Lily-Rose Depp should only wear blue, be it bikinis or lingerie or whatever, my goodness, she is looking lovely as ever.

I'm not much into the excitement with starting a new year, but now I'm kind of looking forward to what Lily-Rose Depp might be wearing in 2019. Or maybe I should say I'm hoping that Lily-Rose Depp won't be wearing much of anything in 2019. Sure, she can wear as many blue bikinis as she wants, but if she's ready to take the next time in her modeling career, then you know I think we are too. We are ready for whatever Lily-Rose Depp wants to give us in the new year. No doubt it's going to be amazing whatever she decides, but she is really starting things off right. This blue bikini looks as if it was made for her. Throw in the fact she's kind of wet and... well, you know, Lily-Rose Depp is lovely and all that.

Man, I think I'm going to sit here for a little while longer and admire Lily-Rose Depp in her blue bikini. I know she's been sexy before and she'll be sexy again, but right now Lily-Rose Depp in a blue bikini is my everything.

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