India Summer Rubs and Pleasures Cyclist Jaye Summers Over at All Girl Massage

January 2, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Jaye Needs Some TLC!

Avid cyclist Jaye Summers stops off on her bike at the spa that masseuse India Summer is employed at in their new scene together over at All Girl Massage directed by Billy Visual. Summers has very, very sore muscles and when she rode by the spa, Symmers just had to stop by to see if there was any possible way that she could be squeezed in for a massage. Masseuse Summer lets sore Summers know that there was a cancellation on the books so Summer can happily get Summers right on her table right now.

Summers just flops her sore self on Summer's table--clothes and all. Summer lets Summers know that a massage is best received when one's clothes are removed and Summers shyly responded that she does not have any underwear on underneath her skin tight cycling outfit. Summer tells the nervous girl that it is OK to be naked with her and takes a peek at Summers' hot body while Summers is peeling her clothing off. Once Summers has her pretty ass up in the air on Summer's bolster, the lesbian fun from there is fantastic.

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