That's A Nice View, Jasmine Tookes

January 1, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Try Sleeping In The Nude Jasmine Tookes

I have no idea where all these famous people get to stay with incredible views of forest and nature, but they truly are lucky. I can't imagine waking up to a view like Jasmine Tookes is in this Instagram pic. I'm sure it's quite breathtaking and the trees aren't half bad either.

You know, this whole Jasmine Tookes sleeping in a thong high in the trees somewhere has me thinking... Maybe Jasmine Tookes should try sleeping in the nude. I know it's not for everyone and some people believe it's incredibly uncomfortable, but everyone should try it at least once. And when you're that high up, enjoying all the beauties nature has to offer, you might as well take it one step further and sleep in the nude. It's like your way of connecting with nature itself. It's just a suggestion and if Jasmine Tookes wants to keep sleeping in a thong, who am I to tell her otherwise.

All I know is Jasmine Tookes wearing a thong at any point is one hell of a beautiful sight. She could wake up with a view of a sewage treatment plant and as long as she's showing off that awesome Jasmine Tookes rear end, everything will be that much more beautiful.

via Jasmine Tookes on Instagram

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