Melinda London Gets Wild

December 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

That Was The Best Day Of The Zebra's Life

You gotta think, the best thing that's ever happened to a zebra is to have Melinda London mostly nude on it's back. Sure, I think the zebra would love to be out, roaming the wild, being a zebra, but never in its life did it think one day one of the hottest women on the planet is going to be mostly nude on my back. Damn, that's one lucky zebra.

I guess it could be a fake zebra, I wouldn't know the difference. These are still pics of Melinda London and if they want to use fake animals instead of real ones, who cares. It's all about Melinda London and her incredible hotness. Even it was a fake zebra, this was still the greatest day of its life. And don't give me that "fake animals don't have lives" nonsense. You're telling me that someone as hot as Melinda London sits on something, it doesn't know? Come on, there are hotness vibes out in the world. You know that, I know that, fake and real zebras know that. Everything knows when they are being blessed with a mostly nude Melinda London on them. It's such a rare event, it's got its own energy.

Call me crazy all you want, but I do believe that everything knows Melinda London is hot and when her hotness is on them. Hell, I can feel Melinda London's hotness from here and she's nowhere near me. Well, she's in my heart.

photos via Lucy's Magazine

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