Reagan Foxx Has A Threeway With Her Mean Stepdaughter Alina Lopez Over at Pure Taboo

December 6, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Family Stress Turns Into Family Fucking!

Angry teen Alina Lopez is visiting stepmother Reagan Foxx after not seeing her for a while in their new scene over at Pure Taboo. Foxx did not handle things well when Lopez's father died and Lopez has never really forgiven Foxx for all of that. Foxx is really hoping that she can fix everything with Lopez and Foxx's new boyfriend Brad Newman is there to lend support to this effort as he loves Foxx and wants everything to work out with the family.

Well, it turns out that Newman was the reason that Lopez bothered to show up at Foxx's place at all. She had seen his picture with her stepmom and decided that she wants to get in his pants. Lopez tells Newman that unless he gives her the fucking that she wants, she will continue to make her stepmother miserable. Newman is not OK with Lopez's advances and her emotional blackmail of him but he gives in because she is so damn hot and he just wants Foxx to feel better. Foxx walks in on them both and things get super interesting from there....

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