Abella Danger Lures Her Crush To Get What She Wants Over at Pure Taboo

November 19, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Abella Stalks And Gets Her Prey!

Big booty beauty Abella Danger is happy to finally get her all time crush Jax Slayher over to her apartment in their new scene together over at Pure Taboo. They met at the gym and he has been going there for a while but it took a while for him to approach her. He did think that she was super hot and she just happened to be working out in a tee that had his favorite band's logo on it so they had stuff to talk about.

She always seemed to be working out at the same time as him and it turns out that nothing she did was a coincidence. Nope, Danger has been stalking him for quite a while because she wanted to get fucked by him. Once he realizes it, he tries to leave but she tells him that she will tell his wife all about what they were going to do unless he gives her all of the lovemaking that she wants. Oh, and she wants a deep, hard fucking from him too. Go watch all of this right now!

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