Selena Gomez Is Mostly Nude

November 8, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Will There Be More Mostly Nude Selena Gomez?

So, I have to ask... what's going on with Selena Gomez in this pic? She's mostly nude, there is barely anything between us and a nude Selena Gomez. Is there going to more mostly nude pics of Selena Gomez? Is from a music video? Will our prayers finally be answered and we will get to see a topless Selena Gomez? I have so many questions about a mostly nude Selena Gomez.

First off, let's go ahead and state the obvious... Selena Gomez is incredibly hot in this pic. Sure, it's a little fuzzy, but that takes nothing away from the fact we are seeing I'd say about 70% of Selena Gomez's boob. Nothing will ever, ever take away from that. Could this be still from something? Maybe a new music video or something. If that's the case I really hope there is some behind the scene footage or something that may just may give us a Selena Gomez nip slip or something like that.

Seriously, this one single Selena Gomez topless and/or possibly nude pic is so full of possibilities. I'm on a cloud nine right and while I want to think about the future, I'm going to stay in this moment. Because this moment has a  mostly nude Selena Gomez in it.

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