Yeah, Halle Berry Needs To Go Topless Again

November 7, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Halle Berry Is Almost Too Hot

Not that I have stopped thinking about Halle Berry being topless, just the opposite, but when she shows up in a lace, see-through bra it's the best of all reminders that she really needs to go topless again. And I mean soon, the sooner the better. I think we could all use some new Halle Berry topless scenes in our lives.

Really what needs to happen is Halle Berry needs to get on some show where she can be nude multiple times. I don't really care if it's a show that's already going on or something new, just throw Halle Berry into the mix, find some creative ways for her to be topless and call it a day. Or another great idea would be to have Halle Berry pose for Playboy. No doubt that would be one of the most beautiful spreads in all of Playboys long and storied history. If she could do both, that would be two of the greatest events to ever happen in all of human history.

Seriously, Halle Berry is almost too hot for her own good. And if all we're going to get is Halle Berry in see-through bras, I think we'll be just fine. Though, if she felt like trying some see-through lingerie, that would also be cool.

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