Kate Miner Topless Keeps Us Watching "Shameless"

October 29, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Can't Miss Kate Minter Topless

I gotta admit, turning on Shameless keeps getting harder and harder knowing that a certain someone will no longer be the show after this season. Yet, even with the knowledge baring down on us, we can't just turn away. If we did, we'd miss Kate Miner topless and that's not something one wants to miss.

Each of us is going to have to find their own reason for continuing to watch the show. Sure, that special person who hooked us in from the start won't be there anymore, but Kate Miner will be. And hopefully she'll be topless again. Maybe she'll even be topless a few more times and it will totally awesome and we'll forget all about... you know what. Hey, maybe we should think about it like this... things changes. Change is a good thing. It doesn't mean all those nude scenes go away, they won't be erased from our memories. But there will be new nudity and there is nothing wrong with new nudity, especially if it's a topless Kate Miner.

Hey, I get it, it's hard to move on from something as awesome as that particular nude person, but it's not moving on. It's looking at some new nudity, some Kate Miner nudity, and in the end, isn't that just as awesome, in a different way?

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