Is Adelaide Kane Australia's Emily Ratajkowski?

October 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Everyone Else Sees It, Right?

I mean, there is no way I'm the only one who is seeing this. There has to be hundreds, if not millions of people who are thinking (and possible saying) the same thing. Adelaide Kane is totally giving off an Emily Ratajkowki vibe, right? I'm not the only one getting this, right? So, is she Australia's Emily Ratajkowski?

The dark hair and giant boobs are the most obvious similarities, but Adelaide Kane's face kind of reminds of Emily Ratajkowski as well. Granted to be a fair comparison we'd have to look at nude photos and since this is the first time I've ever laid eyes on Adelaide Kane, I have no idea if she's gone nude yet. If she has, please don't spoil it for me. I want just a bit before I see Adelaide Kane nude. I'm really enjoying these Adelaide Kane cleavage and Adelaide Kane under boob pics now and want to just focus on those. She is one hell of a beautiful woman, no wonder she went into modeling. I know she's Australian, but I do hope she starts doing more things here in the states. I know we'd all love to see Adelaide Kane more often.

Of course I know that Adelaide Kane is her own person. Her modeling style isn't the same as Emily Ratajkowski, but no one can deny that feeling she gives off. I mean, right? Other people see it, right? Just agree with me and look at Adelaide Kane being hot.

photos via Fashion 11

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