Canyon Moon Has Some Ping Pong Ball Kegel Fun

October 10, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Ping Pong Pleasure!

Meet Canyon Moon. She is a MILF hippie chick/amateur porn performer who absolutely loves taking requests from her fans and doing the stuff that they want to see. Today's bit of fun is some kegel magic out in the woods somewhere done with some ping pong balls. Kegel exercises are really important for every woman to do, in general. It keeps the vaginal muscles toned which helps sex feel awesome and it helps a lot with bladder control too--all good things.

Here, Moon lubes herself on up pretty thoroughly and inserts those ping pong balls in her hooha. She pops them out and laughs like it is the funnest thing that she has ever done in her life. It very well might be, who knows? I am probably not writing Moon's biography this week but I bet she's got some stories. She ends up rubbing her clit and squirting while loving the sensation of the balls going in and out of her.

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