Judy Greer Topless Makes "Kidding" Must See TV

October 8, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Judy Greer Topless Is Always Worth Watching

Once again we found ourselves in that most awesome of places. A place where dreams come true and anything seems possible. If you are unsure of where this magical place is, well my friends it's not a real location, you can go there only certain times. The place... Topless Judy Greer land!

While there is no toe-sucking this time around, Judy Greer is topless again on Kidding and well, I don't know how we don't watch this show. We all need to chip in, do our part, and make sure this show keeps going for as long as possible. It really doesn't matter if you like any other part of the show, we all need to watch for Judy Greer being topless. Until there is a spinoff all about Judy Greer and her boobs, keep watching Kidding. You can watch it fast-forward for all I care, but the numbers need to stay up. And if you are feeling so inclined, maybe take to social media to praise the show. That way more people will watch and we'll get more Judy Greer topless scenes. That sounds like a win to me!

If Judy Greer is going to be topless in something the least we can do is watch. Judy Greer has some awesome boobs and seeing them is always a treat. So, come on, watch Kidding.

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