Juelz Ventura Breaks The Guinness World Record For Longest Twerk

September 19, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Juelz Rulez!

Porn star Juelz Ventura set a Guinness World's Record for the "Longest Duration Twerking" over the weekend. National Twerk Day apparently happened on September the 15th and the stip club Crazy Horse 3 celebrated the day by having Ventura feature dance at the club. That feature dance engagement included what was referred to as a "Twerkathon" where Ventura shook her sweet ass to break the record. The previous twerking record was for two hours and one minute. Ventura killed that record by shaking her ass for two hours and thirty whole minutes.

Crazy Horse supposedly hired two impartial witnesses and two time keepers to meet with Guinness' strict requirements along with a videographer who is submitting the unedited footage of the epic twerk so that it can be properly recorded as being the record that it is. She wisely took a bathroom break first before the session and you can see her wearing the booty shorts and sneakers above which makes sense. It would make sense that sneakers would be super easier to do all of that ass shaking in than a pair of classic Lucite stripper heels.

You go, girl!

The image of Ventura that you clicked on to get here appears here courtesy of Brazzers.

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